for Oracle Developers and DBAs

Technical Information

PL/SQL Compiler FlagsAn investigation into the PL/SQL compiler options
SQL/XML and XPathGreat mechanisms for efficiently generating and processing XML from SQL
XMLTYPEUtilising XMLTYPE for XML Storage
Analytic functionsInformation about various OLAP analytic functions which can be used within SQL
TriggersWhy (and why not) you may (or may not) want to use database triggers
FGACHow to effectively use Fine-Grained Access Control (FGAC)
SQL InjectionUnderstanding and preventing database exploits
SQL TracingVarious techniques for obtaining the execution path / trace file
Using NULLsHow much do you understand about NULL?
DeadlocksGetting ORA-00060? Then look here...
Using ViewsWhy database views are the best thing since sliced bread
CardinalityHow to interpret and influence estimated cardinality
Scalar SubqueriesHow to utilise this little known feature....
Lists to CollectionsConverting from one to the other (and vice versa)
Message QueueingVarious techniques for Message Queueing
Object RelationalIn-depth technical information about the OR features of Oracle RDBMS


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